Bogazici University / Kandilli Guest House

Kandilli Guest House

The construction of the project, which is located in the Kandilli Campus of Boğaziçi University and is built on an area of 8,500 m2, was started in 2015. The project, which was completed quickly in August 2017, has been the solution to a major need in the location with a capacity of 286 students.

The Kandilli Project, which is designed as an environmental building, was designed according to the “Leed Green Building” specification with the aim of obtaining a Gold Certificate. Within the scope of this specification, a total of 40 percent water saving is achieved with the “Gray water recovery technology” integrated into the building plumbing. In addition to this system, the fact that all the products used in the building are selected from environmentally friendly products that are ecological and recycled is also a proof of HASANOĞLU's environmental vision.


Location Kandilli

Start Date 2015

End Date 2017

Total Construction Area 8.500 m²