Our FounderMustafa HASANOĞLU;

He was born as the first child of Hasanoglu family in Balaban Village, Of District, Trabzon Province on August 18, 1961. Mustafa Hasanoglu, the biggest of five brothers, spent the first years of his childhood in the city where he was born.

Mustafa Hasanoğlu began his primary school education in the Trabzon Province where he was born and then, he continued his education successfully in Samsun Province. After completing his primary school education, he migrated to Istanbul together with his parents. While completing high school education at Fatih Boy’s High School, he made use of his leisure time during this period by working at different sectors and getting different experiences. After graduating from high school, he preferred the engineering field for the university education due to his interest in the family business that is the construction business and he was entitled to study at the Civil Engineering Department, Yıldız Technical University.  While carrying on his education with success, we wanted to utilize his leisure times. He founded a language centre still operating today, together with his friends through his love and interest in trade and worked there as a manager for three years. He graduated from the university in 1986 and handed over the language centre where he was working as a manager and headed towards the construction business that he actually wanted to do and took education from.

Mustafa Hasanoglu began his professional business life in 1993 by founding HASANOĞLU INŞAAT that was a project and engineering company. He was proud to carry out many small-scale projects in a short time thanks to his excitement and joy of working in the sector that he took education from. In a span of time that could be called short, he founded a new project and engineering companies operating in the different business line of the construction sector by working hard. He carried out many successful works through the working methods and projects that he developed himself in the public and private sectors by these companies that he founded.  He always aimed better and more quality works. He continued to work accordingly throughout his life.

In business life, that he had a vision and was a hard worker was the great factor for achieving these successes in a short time. While value and stature towards its teammates are providing driving force in the companies, it has never disregarded the rights and labours of its teammates and has always stated that required attention should be shown for not disregarding these values. HASANOĞLU Companies Group founded by Mustafa Hasanoglu with this vision has continued its activities with success over 25 years and maintained its growth each passing day.

Mustafa Hasanoglu has associated his achievements in life with the peaceful family atmosphere and his support to the social responsibility projects making him very happy. As a person being aware of the importance of education and training in human life, he spent the large part of his facilities in order for the youth to have an education that they deserve, who are the future of our country and nation. Moreover, he was supportive of the construction and services of the institutions and organisations such as school, dormitory, hospital, mosque etc. located in many areas in our country. He was a model for his environment in terms of charity and philanthropy with the support and help that he provided and paved the way for the persons who follow in his wake.

Mustafa Hasanoglu earning his living by struggling since the day he was born was a model for everyone in his environment through his successes in social and business life during his short life and he reminded us of that the mortal life is too short and what is left behind when departing this life are just goodness and help we have made.

Mustafa Hasanoglu passed away on November 4, 2002, and departed to eternal life. However, he will live forever with his goodness, charity and works that he left in this world.

As HASANOGLU Companies Group, we know by heart that the real power is to walk on the path that Mustafa Hasanoglu has paved with the same determination and we are proud to continue our work in this direction.