As Hasanoğlu Group of Companies;

We have always strived to offer the best products and services to our customers in our service life for the last 25 years. Still maintaining the excitement and determination of the first day of our establishment, we never have forgotten that we came to these days with the support of our customers, business partners and employees. For this reason, we have made decisions to maintain your trust in us, which we consider as the highest priority, and defined our priority in this direction.

We have taken steps by remaining faithful to moral and ethical values in all works performed and strived to solve the problems most appropriately by protecting the rights of everybody. We have endeavoured to provide new products and services by competing with ourselves in technological, administrative and R&D matters to offer innovative and quality services.

We promise to make sacrifice in the future as we did in the past in line with this awareness and values with the happiness and responsibility of leaving 25 years behind and want you to know that we shall continue with our works that would add value to the future and our country.

We would like to thank all our business partners and colleagues, who contributed us to come to these days.

Yours faithfully,